NORTHWOODS HARDWARE HANK -- Snow, sleet and bitterly cold temperatures are no match for woodpeckers. Their can’t-miss black and white markings, with an occasional sprinkling of red, stand out as they acrobatically forage around bare tree trunks and brave the winter months. Attract more of these sought-after birds this season with this simple yet satisfying menu.


Place the Suet in a cage feeder. A basic Suet cage feeder is inexpensive, and premade cakes slide right in for a perfect fit. 


Shelled or unshelled, this delicious snack is one that woodpeckers gobble up. You can find feeders made specifically for peanuts.  Remember: Unsalted peanuts are best.


Because Woodpeckers are a bit bigger than the average Songbird, You should serve sunflower seeds in a hopper or platform feeder to give them easy access.


Here’s an easy, no-fuss way to feed winter woodpeckers: Simply smear peanut butter directly on the tree trunks. Or buy a log feeder and fill the predrilled holes with the gooey, high-fat snack.

Northwoods Hardware Hank carries all of your birding needs to attract Woodpeckers or any other northern birds in your backyard.  

Stop in today to pick up a case of woodpecker suet for just $10.99.

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