Hey, it's us, The Spooner Block Party. You haven't seen us in a while. Since our last event in July of 2019, we have postponed, canceled, rebooked, and booked more pieces of this puzzle than we'd like to admit. We've met countless times to make tough decisions for the good of our community.

[From Left: Marsha Scherz, Dennis Scherz, Kristen Naumann, Mike Naumann, Amy Freeman, Crystal Rohde, Nikki Ruport, Christine Dobbe, Donny Strunk, Jessica Bambenek, Allysa Headley, Kaitlin Hanson, Amy Greenfield, Tony Miller. Not pictured: Kirsten Vik, Julie Zawistowski, Steve Kaner, Kate Folstad, Shannon Anderson, Joel Zimmerman]

We are a committee of local individuals who want to bring a fantastic music event to Spooner. We've reevaluated year after year on how to grow despite not having an event. We have announced a new location and a new weekend in the last couple of years.

And now we are pumped to announce a brand-new logo and a brand-new schedule to the Spooner Block Party. That's right, we are turning this into a one-day, one-stage party you won’t want to miss. Is country your jam? We got it! Do you like that retro 80’s hairband? We got that too! Need a little rock to get you moving, come on down!

We have so many more fun ideas we are working on and can't wait to announce them in the months to come. Head to spoonerblockparty.com to check out the latest schedule and get your tickets! Stay in the know by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Last Update: Jun 10, 2022 7:23 am CDT

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