If this is the first year you're planting a garden or even if have been doing it for years, the Yellow River Gardens, 2 miles east of Spooner on Hwy. 70 is the place to go for beautiful, low maintenance perennial plants. Perennials are the ones that you plant once and enjoy for years, and there are over 150 varieties available for sale.

Perennials for the sun

Perennials for the sun and shade mix

Perennials for shade

There's a wide variety of shrubs that add height and volume to any yard. Yellow River Garden carries varieties that only grow to 2 feet tall, to others that grow over 12 feet.

It's still a great time to plant trees, and the Yellow River Garden has a large selection of fruit trees like crab apples, Honey Gold apples, cherries, plums, and the latest apple from the University of Minnesota, the Zestar!

Are you looking for a tree to plant for shade, or maybe a stand-alone beauty? Check out the maples, the tree lilacs, birches, or select a stunning honey locust among the many they carry.

If you're thinking of adding a fountain, Yellow River Garden has sizes ranging from tabletop size, which works well inside a house, or a screened porch or deck, to large bubbler fountains soothing water sounds.

They also carry the large artistic varieties that work well as landscape centerpieces.

Yellow River Garden has qualified employees who will help you fulfill your yard and garden goals with imagination because this is more than a garden center; it's a magical and memorable experience.

Last Update: Jun 12, 2020 4:21 pm CDT

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