The beauty of being a garden center is being a place not confined to sell just growing things. Which they do, practically emptying five 3000 sq foot greenhouses already.

Now that yards and gardens are doing beautifully, it's time for some garden art and gifts.

Happily, everything in those categories are on sale at 20 percent off until July 3.

Statuary, from life-sized adorable dogs sleeping on a pillow, to full-sized bear benches are included. None of which include owner, Linda Berger.

Rusty art is still so popular, as well as all the spinners and pieces with movement are.

Nowhere else in the area will you find these adorable smiling gargoyles or this collection of cowboy art.

If you're into dragons, Linda has her favorite one in its own planted area, demonstrating that you can make the big pieces that are each over 7 feet tall. "look at home" if they are placed creatively.

You'll love all the bears and the metal indoor/outdoor wall art.

If you like trolls, you'll love the collection Yellow River Garden carries. From the 10 foot show-stopper to others 3 feet tall, down to the small ones that would like to be tucked into your garden.

If you've got a trailer, and like Big Foot, he's waiting for you in Greenhouse number 1.

Or if your tastes run to something considerably smaller. Something that could fit in a tiny space, there are plenty of pieces available for making an adorable fairy garden.

It's time to be creative and add some statuary and garden art in your yard if nothing else to throw your visitors for a loop.

This is a limited-time sale and will be good from now until July 3. The Yellow River Garden will be taking a day off on the Fourth of July, so shop this week and get 20 percent off all garden art and gifts.

The Yellow River Garden is located only 2 miles east of the stoplight in Spooner at the corner of the McDonald's and the Kwik Trip. The garden center is open from Monday through Saturday from 9a to 5p. Sunday's from 10a until 3p.

Last Update: Jun 26, 2020 3:48 pm CDT

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