Autumn is typically the time of year when homeowners think about getting ready for winter. Sometimes the list seems endless with chores that include raking leaves, cutting down that one tree branch before it falls and hurts someone, getting the bird feeders ready to re-hang once the bears have gone into their dens, finishing the winter's woodpile and mowing the lawn one last time, again.

Household chores fill out the rest of the to-do list with window washing, washing the curtains to get off all that summertime dust and grime while airing the quilts and washing the blankets.

By November you're exhausted and the holidays are right around the corner, what to do?

More and more people in the Spooner, Stone Lake, Hayward, Minong, Cumberland and Rice Lake area have already wised up and called a relatively new company, Wholesome-Green Cleaning & Practical Contracting LLP to come out and do their cleaning for them.

Dustin and Laura Rudd both grew up an hour from Spooner. Several years ago, they moved to Spooner to establish themselves in the area. Laura's parents (Pat and Tina) live locally, and they are excellent grandparents, helping out with their two grandchildren, ages two and four, leaving time for their parents to run their growing cleaning business.

Laura is more of the cook than a cleaner, and Dustin, an Eau Claire college graduate with a business degree, is a cleaner through and through. Laura has always been interested in living a green life and Dustin agrees, hence the Wholesome Green business where Laura has now become a cleaner too.

Wholesome-Green cleans without harsh chemicals they have a 100% guarantee that your home will be left sparkling clean when they leave. Or, they clean the area for free at the next cleaning.

Some services include both standard and deep cleaning on a call-by-call basis, or they can easily set up a regular schedule for cleaning. They started their business a few years ago listing it on Craigslist, and now they've gone to Facebook for their advertising as well as the most valuable recommendation; word of mouth.

If you check out Angie's List or Home Adviser, you'll find them listed there as well as several other sites.

Their business is set up in a way they can provide a flexible cleaning solution for residential, rental cabins, resorts, offices, businesses, campgrounds and more and they do automotive detailing, all with their own non-chemical products. If you're selling your house and tired of packing and hauling and too exhausted to do the final cleaning, give them a call and the house will be sparkling clean when you leave.

When you call them at 715-566-1397 or 715-764-0272 they'll arrange a free visit so they can customize your needs and specific expectations and they customize their services to match their client's lifestyles.

They are fully licensed and insured and have never had a claim against them.

There here in the area for the duration and they want to be a part of the community and they are family owned and operated with a staff of six.

They have the equipment, the materials and can book as far out as six months, which works especially for part-time or summer residents.

For more information, their web page is or you can email them at Visit them and get in touch soon while there still is room on their schedule for your cleaning needs.

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