Three new LCO Tribal Council members will be seated after winning in the tribal election Saturday, defeating the sitting chairman, Mic Isham. All three incumbent council members were defeated in their bids for re-election.

The top vote getter was Tweed Shuman with 738, followed by Louis Taylor with 509. Taking the third and final spot by a narrow margin of three votes was Don Carley with 472. 

Just missing was Deanna Baker with 469 followed by Gary “Little Guy” Clause with 385.

Incumbent Chairman Mic Isham received the lowest totals with 272 votes.

The other two incumbents up for re-election were defeated in the primary election on May 20. They were Vice Chairman Rusty Barber and Secretary-Treasurer Norma Ross.

The new council will be sworn in at an inauguration ceremony on Friday, July 7. The council will then choose amongst themselves the new chairman, vice chairman and secretary-treasurer at the inauguration ceremony.

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