It is that time of year again when the hot weather comes and goes so quickly. You barely have enough time to enjoy your summer wardrobe. With fall right around the corner, new trends are popping up all over. Everywhere you go, the stores are filling their racks with styles that look like they have come straight from your Grandma’s closet! In fact, my Great Grandma would never throw anything away. She had clothes she kept from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Her reasoning was, “It’s going to come back one day!”. She was right, Vintage is back!

The hottest fashion has made its way back from the 1970’s. If you like garden prints with vines and flowers or wild animal designs, like cheetah and leopard, it is in. Cowboy style, it’s in also! Fabrics may surprise you, they will remind you of wallpaper. Many clothes will have lace, floral fabric, stripes and plaid patterns. Pants suits, wide leg pants, and dress pants will be paired with different off the shoulder tops. The styles will be quilted, slouchy, ruffled, sparkly and padded. Buttons, buckles, belts, fringe, sequins and fur trim will be an added embellishment.

Mixing and matching, no problem, the weirder the better. There will be denim everything, velvet and a lot more velvet! Leather coats, jackets and blanket shawls all return. Coats will be long to the knee or calf and will have matching belts. In the 70’s blazers were popular, today it will be long vests that slim you and capes which resembles a poncho. From bold colors to soft colors, reds and pinks will be everywhere. Brown is the new black.

Vivid colors to earth tones and metallics are popular as well. Oversized sweaters, trench coats, miniskirts and the most exciting, Gogo boots!  Yes, those white Gogo boots will be very popular again. In my mom’s day, Goldie Hawn made them popular. In my day, Ariana Grande brought them back in her videos and concerts. Over the knee suede boots and one inch heeled pumps are already in the stores. Also, a lot of you may not know about Culottes...I didn’t! I don’t know whether to say they are a short version of pants or a long version of shorts! They can be worn for work or play.  

And who can’t forget about accessories? Woman of all ages will be happy that the big purses and bags are back. Bohemian style has been around here lately and the gypsy look is here as well. Tassels, feathers, and studs will adorn them. They will be of all shapes and sizes, drawstring bucket style, furry, woven, felt and leather. They will also be made using retro materials. Bows for the hair and ribbons from the 80’s are used once again.

Hairstyles seem simple, braids and pony tales. Hair colors will be every color under the sun! Metallic, stripes, matte, and camo are all the new nail styles for this fall and winter. You will see matching slippers, moccasins, and the penny loafer shoes. The penny loafers came out in the 1960’s and they were a hot item. Hats and elbow length gloves covered in fur will match the purses and coats for that more vintage look. Long leather driving gloves are here also. Scarves will be of fur and will match fur bucket hats. Gray felt lined clothing and shoes will be for the more athletic type which includes baseball caps and oversized sweatshirts. All sports teams apparel will be worn as well.

Putting together outfits this fall and winter should be fun and interesting. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary anymore, nor shocking! Whether you chose to shop in name brand stores, online, in thrifts stores or just rummaging through your grandma’s closet, you will be fine. This year's fashion trends offer a wide range of selections and varieties and you can’t go wrong. Anything goes!  

[Photo by Kara Vincent Art]

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