Top 10 Myths About Rural Wisconsin

Brian Reisinger joined DrydenWire founder Ben Dryden this morning to discuss their 'Top 10 Myths About Rural Wisconsin'

Top 10 Myths About Rural Wisconsin

SPOONER, WI - Brian Reisinger joined DrydenWire.com founder Ben Dryden on Wednesday to discuss the “Top 10 Myths About Rural Wisconsin” on DrydenWire Live!

The live-streaming show aired at 8:30a (CST) on DrydenWire's Facebook page today, Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

ICYMI: You can watch the recording of the show on Facebook Watch (here), on YouTube (here), or stream below.

Top 10 Myths About Rural Wisconsin

  • 10: We are ignorant rednecks
  • 9: We are angry
  • 8: We are “stuck” in rural areas
  • 7: We seem nice but secretly hate vacationers
  • 6: Candidates for elected office don’t care about us
  • 5: Candidates for elected office DO care about us
  • 4: We never leave our rural area
  • 3: We lack basic necessities like electricity or plumbing
  • 2: That everyone is religious (or one thing or another)
  • 1: That people marry their cousins
  • (Plus 2 Bonus Myths)

Brian is a Wisconsin farm boy, writer, and consultant who tells the hidden stories of rural America in columns for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other publications across the country. His latest article in the MJS was published Monday titled A farm boy's guide to bridging difficult Christmas dinner table conversations.

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