I have always lived my life guided by the quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world! So, when I recently became a Thirty-One Gifts consultant, I knew I wanted a way to give back to our community. Our family typically packs bags of essentials once or twice a year for homeless people we come across in Wisconsin and Minnesota. This is such a fulfilling way to give back and bring joy to others but I haven't found a good way to give back in our own community. 

I was inspired to host a "Totes For Tots" bag collection drive after reading a story online about how most children in foster care carry their belongings in a garbage bag. This was heartbreaking to me so I asked a friend of mine, who is a foster parent in the county, if this was true here as well. She confirmed my suspicion and it was decided; I knew I had an avenue to help and I would do my best to do exactly that! With her help, I contacted the county who also confirmed this was true. I shared my idea and they were thrilled that someone wanted to help in this way since it is often overlooked but is a great need. I gathered a list of ages and genders for the 11 children in our county and I have high hopes that we can come together as a community this year and tackle this issue. All commission made on the sales of these totes will be spent on items to fill them with fun and needed items for each child. Any extra totes will then be distributed to neighboring counties to give to the children in foster care there. 

I will admit, I came up with this idea a little late in the game and I only have a week to complete orders for these before the holiday sale for the Medium Utility Tote ends! (next year there will be far more planning) Though I have faith that our fantastic community can rally together and make this dream of mine a reality and make sure these children feel cared about! I picked the Medium Utility Tote in particular mostly because of the fantastic sale that is running right now but also because it is heavy duty, yet light in weight, collapsible and will last for years to come! If you know anything about Thirty-One products, you know they are built to last.

Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions you may have. Can't afford to make a purchase but still want to help? Get creative! Maybe each person in your office, book club, choir, church or group can donate a few dollars to the cause until you have enough to buy a few bags? Maybe you would prefer to buy some basic essentials to fill the bags with instead! That is completely fine too! I will also take donations in any amount directly and complete purchases once the total amount for a set of three bags is reached.

You may reach me directly through any of the below-mentioned methods and I thank you for considering this cause:

"Totes For Tots" Direct Shopping Link: https://www.mythirtyone.com/1966548/shop/Party/EventDetail/10338705 

*This marketing material was created by Danielle Leddy, an Independent Consultant for Thirty‐One Gifts LLC, who is solely responsible for its content. Thirty‐One Gifts LLC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of this marketing material.

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