Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch was our very special guest on this week’s DrydenWire.com Podcast.

Tracy was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer 10 months ago, 1 month after being elected as Sheriff in Burnett County. We discussed this with her as well as what it’s like being a female cop in a largely male-dominated profession -- she was the first female patrol deputy in Burnett County’s history and is currently one of only 4 female Sheriff’s out of 72 counties in Wisconsin. We also discussed the goings-on in Burnett County including staffing levels, the need for more space to house inmates, fundraising for a second K9 unit, collaboration with the Police Departments, new Detectives and the great job they are doing, bringing the Huber program back to Burnett County, the new “Shop with a Cop” program they just started, and more.

Hosts: Ben Dryden and Diane Dryden

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Diane Dryden and Tracy Finch chatting before our recording

Last Update: Oct 27, 2019 12:53 pm CDT

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