SPOONER, WI -- Several months ago, Ben Dryden, founder of DrydenWire.com, needed a unique table to be created and built for the studio where both DrydenWire Live! and Diane's Kitchen are recorded. "I was using a make-shift table top cut from the base of a bunk bed and sitting that on top of another desk separated by a blanket, to dampen table noise, and lifted by a series of 2x4's," Ben said, "so it was very rudimentary. What we needed, however, was not something you could just go and buy."

Because this new table required a unique shape, someone special had to be found to create and execute the project.

Happily, one of the DrydenWire Live! guests was Dr. David Aslyn, who just happens to be the Superintendent of the Spooner Schools. The men got to talking after the show where Dr. Aslyn had been interviewed, Ben voicing his interest in a unique table, and David mentioning Ben might want to contact Kyle Linton, one of the school's two Tech. Ed. Teachers.

Kyle Linton, the schools Woods Tech. Instructor, brought the information to the class and suggested to Ethan Martin, a senior student, that he take on the project.

Ethan liked interesting tasks and said yes. “It was challenging at first,” said Ethan. “But once I figured out the design, things ran smoothly.”

After consulting with both Metal's Tech. Ed teacher, Josh Tischer and Kyle Linton, Ethan developed a design and then created a large cardboard template of the size and shape of the table for Ben's approval.

After Ethan and Ben tested the template of the desk in the studio, Ethan went back and starting on the project by cutting the top and sides out of wood and laminated the top in black, using the school's equipment and items donated from local businesses.  

Ethan used the school's CNC router to make the top and the Vinyl cutter for the logo on the front of the table.

Happily the table fit into the studio after a bit of maneuvering and now serves as the center for both the DrydenWire Live!, and Diane's Kitchen broadcasts.

Ethan has been on the A Honor Roll, and a dedicated Boy Scout, earning his Eagle Scout Badge by creating a public dog park in Spooner in 2016.

Ethan was part of the Skills USA program in the Cabinetmaking category, and he came in a respectable second place out of 6,000 students competing in 100 occupational and leadership skill areas this past June, in the Skill's USA State Contest.

Ethan has been enrolled in an extracurricular program involving aviation and has made his next goal to become a commercial pilot.

DrydenWire.com is privileged to have had such a talented young man create the table that fit their needs perfectly.  

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