SAWYER COUNTY -- Former teacher Guy Mittlestadt has been sentenced on a conviction of delivering cocaine in Sawyer County. published a post in August 2019 regarding charges that had been filed against Mittlestadt in Sawyer County for selling cocaine.

Mittlestadt made arrangements to meet with and sell cocaine to individuals who were assisting law enforcement in a drug investigation.

The criminal complaint filed against Mittlestadt states that during one transaction Mittlestadt told an undercover agent, “I’m a teacher, no one needs to know about this.” During another transaction an undercover agent, while wearing a recording device, discussed with Mittlestadt how much it would cost to purchase a larger amount of cocaine. Mittlestadt told the agent that he thought the price would be around ‘“1,000” for a 1⁄2 ounce.

Mittlestadt was charged with 4 counts of Class F Felony Deliver Cocaine (>1G but <=5G) and 1 count of Class G Felony Deliver Cocaine (<=1G).

The case filed against Mittlestadt was scheduled for a jury trial in October 2021, however, online circuit court records show that at a hearing in September 2021, the Court accepted Mittlestadt’s plea of No Contest to one charge of Class F Felony Deliver Cocaine (>1G but <=5G). The remaining charges filed against Mittlestadt were dismissed.

At a hearing on December 13, 2021, the Court ordered a withheld sentence for Mittlestadt, with 3 and ½ years of probation. Mittlestadt was ordered to serve 30 days of conditional jail time with credit for 1 day previously served.

Conditions of probation will require Mittlestadt to maintain absolute sobriety and complete any counseling and programming deemed appropriate by his Department of Corrections agent to include an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and Cognitive Behavioral Moral Recognition therapy, and follow through with any recommendations as well as undergo random drug tests.

The Court also ordered Mittlestadt to pay over $1,600 in fees and costs.


Last Update: Dec 16, 2021 9:37 am CST

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