WASHBURN COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a man after he entered a plea of Guilty to an amended charge in a Washburn County Circuit Court case involving solicitation of a prostitute.

DrydenWire.com published a post in April 2021, regarding the court case filed against Peters after he was arrested following an undercover sex sting. Peters, of Cloquet, MN, was arrested in Shell Lake, WI, after he drove there to meet with a female prostitute that he met through an online social networking service.

The criminal complaint filed against Peters states that he contacted an adult female profile online that was being operated by an undercover officer. The officer received a message from Peters which said “hey”. The undercover officer replied, “Hey”, to which Peters responded “How are u doing beautiful”, and “Wanna make 200 bucks.” Peters went on to send multiple messages stating what sexual activities the female would need to do in order to earn two hundred dollars.

Peters asked for an address where he could pick up the female and provided his estimated time of arrival and a description of the vehicle that he would be arriving in. He also stated that he would provide the female with an activated cell phone. Peters sent a GPS photo showing confirmation of his estimated time of arrival and also a photo of himself which appeared to be of the same man shown in the photos on his online profile.

Law enforcement took Peters into custody after he arrived at the address that he had been given by the undercover officer. Peters was charged with Class H Felony Solicitation of Prostitutes. At a hearing on October 13, 2021, the Court accepted Peters’ plea of Guilty to an amended charge of Misdemeanor Pandering-Solicitation. Details regarding the reason for the amended charge are not listed in online court records.

The Court ordered Peters to serve 1-year probation. Conditions of his probation will require him to maintain absolute sobriety, comply with any conditions imposed by the Department of Corrections and pay over $400 in court costs, fines, and fees.

Last Update: Oct 15, 2021 12:16 pm CDT

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