UPDATE: Committee Scraps Provision Restricting Movement Of Harvested Deer

Rep. Jarchow says that he testified at the hearing and stated to DrydenWire.com that the ruling of the committee resulted in a 6-4 vote - favoring the suspension.

UPDATE: Committee Scraps Provision Restricting Movement Of Harvested Deer

MADISON, WI -- A hearing on the emergency chronic wasting disease regulations has resulted in the suspension of the Deer Carcus Rule, according to Representative Adam Jarchow (R - Balsam Lake).

Rep. Jarchow says that he testified at the hearing and stated to DrydenWire.com that the ruling of the committee resulted in a 6-4 vote - favoring the suspension.

According to WPR ...

Lawmakers debated the rule that was developed to ban movement of deer carcasses from CWD-affected areas and require deer farms to add another layer of fencing within a year. They also took issue with enacting new restrictions just weeks away from the state’s nine-day gun deer season.

State Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake, argued the emergency rule is an example of executive overreach in an election year. He called the restrictions "pure pandering."

"It’s a political stunt masquerading as policy and those who will suffer from it are hard-working folks who live in my district and like to hunt," he said. "My constituents work all year long. They sacrifice their vacation and they work overtime, so they can have that one week a year of Wisconsin’s deer-hunting tradition. Now, if they get a deer, they can’t bring the damn thing home without following some absurd procedure or paying someone to butcher it."

The committee also voted 6-4 to allow the double fencing provisions applicable to deer farms to go forward.

On September 6, 2018, DrydenWire.com published a letter from Rep. Jarchow that he sent to Governor Scott Walker to reject the new proposed rule that would prohibit transport of a deer carcass across county lines in most of Wisconsin.

You can read Rep. Jarchow's letter in its entirety below.

Dear Governor Walker,

I am writing to implore you to reject the ill-conceived and ill-timed “emergency rule” of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board (NRB) regarding deer carcass movement.

First, there is absolutely zero evidence the rule will have any substantive impact on the issue - the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

Second, the timing could not be worse. Bow hunting season is less than two weeks away. It is far too late for the rule to appear in the rulebook. There is already massive confusion among those in the sporting community about what the emergency rule prohibits.

Third, hunting in Wisconsin is at a critical juncture. Attracting and retaining hunters is already proving to be incredibly difficult. Together, we have worked hard over the past few years to ease rules and restrictions in order to attract and retain hunters. This rule is a massive step in the wrong direction. It will cause incredible hardship for hunters and will result in more individuals leaving a sport that is so ingrained in Wisconsin’s culture and heritage. It’s absurd to prevent a hunter - who may live in St. Croix County yet hunts in Polk County - from bringing his or her deer home to butcher. Polk County has never - not once - had a positive CWD test. Yet because of one deer six years ago in a neighboring county, Polk County is on the list of CWD affected counties. This rule is a massive overreach and, frankly, overkill.

Fourth, I am unable to locate any specific statutory authority for this rule’s promulgation. In fact, you recently signed a bill Senator Moulton and I authored sun-setting the baiting and feeding ban in counties that have not had a CWD positive in three years (two years for a neighboring county). Given that specific legislation, combined with lack of specific legislation relating to this proposed rule, it seems that this rule may violate 2011 Wisconsin Act 21.

Fifth, we just finished a legislative session. There was not one bill which received any serious consideration that would have done anything close to what this rule does. There has been no material change to the CWD situation since the legislative session ended. Such drastic policy changes should be made by the Legislature, not an unelected board. If your administration believes in this policy, I would urge that you work with the legislature next session on a bill to address it.

As Governor, you have been a great defender of the separation of powers and have done much to rein in the administrative state leviathan. Let’s not move backward, let’s move our state forward.

I urge you to reject this rule.

Rep. Adam Jarchow
28th Assembly District

Last Update: Oct 02, 2018 11:13 am CDT

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