BURNETT COUNTY, Wis. -- A hearing was held in Burnett County Circuit Court for Jacob Wicklund, the Siren, WI man charged with making Terrorist Threats against schools in Burnett County.

According to public record, Wicklund's defense attorney argued for Dismissal of the felony charge of Making Terrorist Threats, but the Court found probable cause to bind the case over for a possible trial.

At the time of this post, Wicklund remains in the custody of the Burnett County Sheriff's Office.

Wicklund is scheduled to appear again in Burnett County Circuit Court on June 14, 2017.

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UPDATE: $5,000 Cash Bond Set for Man Charged with Terrorist Threats

Thursday, May 11, 2017 | by Ben Dryden

BURNETT COUNTY, Wis. -- According to public record, a cash bond of $5,000 has been set for Jacob Wicklund. Conditions of the bail bond require Wicklund to have no contact with Grantsburg, Siren, Webster and ALC schools. Wicklund is also ordered to maintain absolute sobriety and he is not to possess any dangerous weapons or firearms.

Public record also shows that on April 26, 2017, two separate cases were filed in Burnett County Circuit Court charging Wicklund with 1 count of Class A Misdemeanor Retail Theft in each case. Details of those cases are not known at this time.

Wicklund is scheduled to appear again on May 18.  

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Criminal Complaint: 'This is the Day I’ve Decided to Become a School Shooter'

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 | by Ben Dryden

BURNETT COUNTY, Wis. -- Charges were filed today May 9, 2017, against a 19-year-old Siren man for making terrorist threats of a school shooting after the Burnett County Sheriff's Office received a report that someone was making threats about a school shooting.

Jacob Wicklund has been charged with Class I Felony Terrorist Threats and Class B Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. According to the criminal complaint, Wicklund's step-father spoke with Burnett County Sheriff's Office investigators today May 9, 2017, and reported that he received copies of messages posted by Wicklund on what appeared to be a private Facebook chat room. Two of the messages posted by Wicklund stated the following:

#1: “This is the day I've decided to become a school shooter.”

#2: "You a**holes will get the justice you deserve. I will as well, but I'll tell you now – it's not jail.”

Wicklund's step-father stated that the messages were sent to him early on May 9, 2017, and he contacted law enforcement shortly after he viewed the messages.

The criminal complaint continues, stating that Wicklund is reportedly Bi-Polar and has other issues with controlled substances and alcohol. Wicklund's step-father also told law enforcement that Wicklund has made threats in the past and then followed through on those threats, and so this scared him.

As a result of these postings and threats, the Grantsburg School District was closed and other County School Districts were put on lock-down. The circumstances indicate that Wicklund intended such a closing and lock-down to occur, as the direct result of his threats to conduct a shooting at a school and or to otherwise cause or threaten bodily harm to people or property at a school.

DyrdenWire.com has confirmed that Wicklund is in the custody of the Burnett County Sheriff's Office at the time of this post.

DrydenWire.com will continue to update the community on this situation when any significant activity or progress develops and reminds our readers that arrested or charged individuals are presumed innocent until convicted by judge or jury.

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