SHELL LAKE, WI -- Construction is underway for the fireworks barge which will be used to launch the fireworks for the 2021 Shell Lake Fireworks show.

A pulled pork fundraiser organized by Matt Dryden and Tim Bandoli from Bandoli Ranch that was held on May 30, 2021 raised $2,647. Some of the money raised helped to cover the costs of the fireworks barge.

Fireproofing the barge included installation of ¾ inch fire resistant plywood which is also sprayed with fire resistant paint to prevent the firework barge from catching fire. Some of the fireworks will be launched from the new 3 inch mortar tubes.

The money raised at the fundraiser also helped cover the costs of the street dance, making it possible to offer free admission to the dance for families.

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Last Update: Jun 29, 2021 5:51 am CDT

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