A jury trial has been scheduled for Jackson Smith on the charge of Felony Attempt to Flee an Officer.

Smith appeared in Washburn County Circuit Court today, October 25th, with his attorney. According to public record the Court heard testimony from the officer who conducted the pursuit of Smith on October 4th.

It was determined by the Court that there is probable cause for the case to proceed. Mr. Smith entered a plea of not guilty and a jury trial is now scheduled for January 17th, 2017. Smith is also charged in Washburn County with Felony Bail Bond Violation and a jury trial is scheduled for January 19th, 2017 on that charge.

At the time of this story, Smith remains in the custody of the Washburn County Sheriff's Office.  


Shell Lake Man Charged with Felony Fleeing Spooner Police l By Ben Dryden

Jackson Smith, of Shell Lake, has been charged with Felony Attempt to Flee a Traffic Officer.

According to public record, on October 4th, a vehicle was observed by a Spooner Police Officer traveling rapidly through the city of Spooner, “smoking” it's tires, swerving and causing other vehicles to stop or pull over. When the Police Officer activated the police squad emergency siren, this vehicle did not pull over, but instead accelerated and proceeded to cut corners and nearly collide with more than one vehicle; reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour at times. The vehicle reached US Highway 53 and eluded the pursuit of officers.

Spooner Police Department's subsequent investigation and interviews of many witnesses confirmed that the driver of the vehicle in question was Jackson Smith.

Smith was ultimately located by officers, brought to Washburn County Jail and appeared in Washburn County Circuit Court on October 5th, after which he was released on a $1,000.00 signature bond. Public record shows that Smith was back in court again on October 7th, where his bond was modified from a signature release bond to a $1,000.00 cash bond.

Smith has also been charged with felony bail bond violation in a second case filed in Washburn County Circuit Court. He appeared on Monday October 17th, and is due back in court on both charges on October 25th, 2016.

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