UPDATE: Sheriff’s Office Call Log Provides More Info On Cumberland Incident

Barron County Sheriff’s Department Daily Call Log Recap

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Office Call Log Provides More Info On Cumberland Incident

BARRON COUNTY -- The Barron County Sheriff’s Office daily Dispatch call log has provided some additional information regarding the shooting incident that occurred early in the morning of January 30, 2020, in Cumberland, WI.

Some of that information is listed below (note: times may be approximate)

Barron County Sheriff’s Department Daily Call Log Recap

  • 6:07a - Barron Dispatch received a call regarding a possible suicidal person
  • 6:12a - The 911 caller set the phone down and stopped responding to Dispatch; Dispatchers heard sounds of fighting
  • 6:15a - Officers reported shots fired and the subject moved to the upstairs of the residence
  • 6:21a - Law Enforcement began setting up units in the area surrounding the residence
  • 6:22a - Officers on scene advised Dispatch that more shots were fired
  • 6:34a - Officers report more shots have been fired
  • 6:38a - All the lights were turned off in the residence
  • 6:46a - Additional Law Enforcement Units respond to the scene including an armored vehicle
  • 6:48a - Law Enforcement prepares to enforce a ¼ mile red zone around residence, keeping people in surrounding homes and buildings inside
  • 7:00a - Dispatchers can still hear through the open 911 call line, someone yelling in pain
  • 7:15a - Officers gained a vantage point on the residence
  • 7:46a - Officers began clearing the residence
  • 8:02a - Officers were en route to a hospital

Cumberland Police Chief Rick Rieper stated to DrydenWire.com that this incident initiated as a call for assistance in a domestic situation.

The individual who was taken into custody when Law Enforcement gained control of the situation was transported to a medical facility for an evaluation.

Following the evaluation and a medical clearance, the individual would then be transported to the Barron County Jail to be taken through the booking process.

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One Person In Custody Following Gunshot Incident In Cumberland

BARRON COUNTY - Several shots were fired by a suspect in an incident in Cumberland this morning, according to Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald.

Sheriff Fitzgerald tells DrydenWire that the Barron County Emergency Response Team was used in the incident and that a suspect was in custody.

Since the Cumberland Police Department is the lead agency, Sheriff Fitzgerald could not speak further on the incident, however, he did clarify that no shots were fired by law enforcement and that no injuries were reported.


Last Update: Jan 31, 2020 1:02 pm CST

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