SPOONER, WI -- The Spooner Middle School will not be opening for in-person learning following this week's Thanksgiving break as the district awaits laboratory analysis results which will not be available until late in the week of December 6th, according to the latest updated press release from the Spooner Area School District.

Press Release

This is an update on the situation regarding the Spooner Middle School where a strong epoxy-like odor spread through the school on Wednesday, 11/10/2021, causing some students and staff members to become ill and everyone in the building to be evacuated.

The most critical piece of this matter continues to be the health and safety of our students and staff members.

The current phase of advanced environmental sampling concluded today. We anticipate laboratory analysis results to be available late in the week of December 6th. The source of the strong epoxy-like odor that caused some students and staff members to become ill on 11/10/2021 has not been determined. While many are excited to return to school, in person learning will not resume at Spooner Middle School until we are assured the environment is safe for everyone in the building. The building remains closed by order of the Spooner Fire Department.

Remote learning will continue for Spooner Middle School students until the school has been cleared for safe return. Teachers are working with their classes using a variety of instructional tools as they continue to facilitate student learning remotely. Students have a remarkable job staying actively engaged in remote learning and online attendance levels have been positive. Spooner Middle School teachers and support staff have gone the extra mile to support students and families during this unpredicted period of remote learning.

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