DrydenWire’s Facebook page is a community-oriented page which is viewed and followed by many people of various ages and backgrounds. We encourage intelligent conversation regarding our published posts from those that choose to comment but we will not allow posts which are hate-filled, mean-spirited or those that contain curse words. Those violating the aforementioned will receive a one-time warning if the comment is not deemed as severe. Any further violations will result in a permanent ban from our Facebook page. DrydenWire also reserves the right to ban without a warning if it is deemed the comment of the aforementioned is severe.

Furthermore, comments including personal attacks on/against/toward another poster/commenter may result in the immediate banning of the original author. DrydenWire reserves the right to ban anyone at any time if so deemed that they are bullying, sharing malicious rumors/content, or “picking” on others that creates an environment on our page where others do not feel safe to post their views intelligently and thoughtfully.   

In addition, DrydenWire takes extreme measures in our reporting regarding criminal complaints. The information used for those posts are provided and received by public document and disbursement. If you question any of the reported facts, please contact the property county authorities, however, publicly commenting on DrydenWire social media posts claiming that our reporting is based on lies or is not factual will not be permitted. Our reputation for strict solid reporting on these posts will not be tarnished by false social media posts and will result in immediate banning from our Facebook page, and saved for evidence in any potential lawsuit.

Lastly, our Facebook (and other social media outlets including Twitter and Instagram) are just that - social media pages. These are used to allow our viewers to discuss topics and have discussions on said topics for those that read our official media outlet: drydenwire.com. Public debate, when done so respectfully and on topic, is a wonderful and beautiful thing. We may agree-to-disagree on topics and have differences of opinions but as human beings, we have the capacity to have these conversations, debates, and discussions respectfully. We believe that following our very simple commenting policy will make the comment section of our social media pages a much more pleasant experience for everyone. 

Our goal is to not ban people, rather, it is to create an environment that is safe for everyone.

Thank you.


Last Update: Aug 08, 2018 2:25 pm CDT

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