(WRN) - Officials with We Energies in Milwaukee say that the end of the heating moratorium is bringing out a fresh round of scammers.

One change this time around is that the scammers were targeting businesses rather than residents, according to spokeswoman Amy Jahns. “Some businesses were contacted by scammers, and we had over 90 reports of attempted scams. Luckily there were no losses.”

The scammers were using high pressure tactics to try and convince businesses that they were actually behind on their utility bills, and that if they didn’t make immediate payments that their power or gas would be disconnected.

“We do not threaten our customers in this way like these scammers do,” says Jahns. “So if you think the call is suspicious, we really recommend you hang up.”

If you do have concerns over your electric or gas bill, make sure you contact your utility on your own in order to ensure you’re getting the correct information.

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