Obituary: In Memory of David E. Magnus

[UPDATED at 1:48 p.m.] Washburn County Sheriff Terry Dryden has issued the following updated news release today, Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

"Washburn County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance from WI DNR Wardens, Sawyer County Rescue and Dive Team and Birchwood Fire Department recovered a body from under the ice on Long Lake, Township of Long Lake, Washburn County at approximately 10:30 AM this morning.

David E. Magnus, born in 1956, from Sarona Township was recovered in about 24 feet of water, the vehicle was located in about 40 feet of water, David was located outside of his vehicle. 

Preliminary investigation reveals that witnesses heard a loud vehicle spinning around on the lake by Lincolnwood Resort on the ice last night about 06:30 PM. However, initially they thought the vehicle got off the lake. Shortly after that they again heard and saw lights but then the lights disappeared. Witnesses then walked down to the lake and walked out and saw vehicle tracks leading to a hole in the ice. Deputies arrived along with Birchwood Fire. Deputies and firemen found floating debris and mail addressed to David Magnus. Deputies checked David’s residence and found no one there and David’s red Chevrolet Sport Utility Truck was not at the residence. This vehicle was also described by others earlier in the evening of ramming around the lake and driving erratically.

As a result of the time elapsed between the call and once officers arrived and it was determined that a vehicle had indeed broken through the ice, it is now a recovery rather than rescue. Sheriff Dryden advised Deputies to mark the position of the hole in the ice and recovery operations will start in the morning. Sheriff Dryden advised deputies on scene that with this information it was too dangerous to mount a recovery/rescue operation on the dangerous ice at night and Sheriff Dryden did not want divers under ice at night.

Even though there was good thick ice around the general area there was a large ice ridge several 100 yards long with very thin ice. We believed Dave drove onto the thin ice just before the ice ridge and went under.

Sheriff Dryden again warns those that go on our lakes, ice is not always what it seems. Ice ridges can develop quickly and cause very thin ice. The warming and cooling trends can reduce the thickness of the ice very quickly as well. If you do not know the lake you want to go on, ask the locals, they know the lakes better than most."

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New Information: Body Recovered on Long Lake

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | DrydenWire

[Editor's Note: Although we have confirmed the name of the individual recovered, we have chosen to not publish that information at this time] 

One vehicle is believed to have fallen through the ice on Long Lake last night, Tuesday, January 24, 2017. 

The vehicle is believed - but is unconfirmed at this time - to be a red Chevy Blazer.  The vehicle was reported to have fallen into the water to the Washburn County Sheriff's Office at approximately 6:30 p.m.  According to a Barron County log report, at 7:38 p.m., the Washburn County Sheriff's Office requested to Barron County for Lakeview Medical Center to stand by for a possible vehicle through the ice.

Divers from Sawyer County were also requested to assist, but the search was ultimately postponed until daylight today, Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

[UPDATE 1 of 2] 8:03 a.m. - Washburn County Sheriff Terry Dryden issued the following statement this morning.

Washburn County Sheriff's Dispatch recieved a call about 06:30 last night about a possible vehcile going through the ice on Long Lake, Town of Long Lake. It is believed that in fact a vehicle went through the ice and it is believed the driver of the vehicle is in the vehicle. Washburn County Sheriff's Office along with WI DNR, Sawyer County Dive Team and Birchwood Fire will be attempting to locate the person and the vehicle this morning. No other information will be released at this time. - Sheriff Dryden

[UPDATE 2 of 2] 10:42 a.m. - One body has been recovered.  The vehicle has not been recovered as of 10:40 a.m. Water believed to be approximately 25' deep at the location where vehicle fell through the ice - approximately 40' off the shoreline.  

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Last Update: Jan 29, 2017 1:28 pm CST

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