BARRON COUNTY -- On Monday, August 22, volunteers who helped the community through the COVID-19 pandemic were honored at the Barron County Health and Human Services board meeting.

“During these very uncertain times, while most stayed home safe in their houses, without hesitation, you stepped out to do what you could to help ensure the health and safety of our families, friends and neighbors,” Laura Sauve, Public Health Manager told the volunteers.

Thanks to the support of the volunteers Public Health was able to offer over 8,000 vaccinations to people through 21 large-scale community clinics and countless smaller clinics. Free drive-thru testing for community members was provided. Countless meals and supplies needed to help people stay safely in isolation were delivered, and plans for alternative healthcare sites were created. This was one of the only local/county-based plans in the state. Volunteers also helped to make COVID antiviral medications available through the free clinic for those without insurance, so far this is the only site in Wisconsin to do this.

“We could not have done the work we did without each and everyone one of you,” Sauve continued. “In a small rural community like Barron County, volunteers and community partnerships are truly the lifeline in times of need, “From sewing cloth masks, making and delivering meals, to helping vaccinate and treat our community, countless numbers of people stepped up to help. Thank you all for stepping up and serving Barron County during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Last Update: Aug 28, 2022 12:05 pm CDT

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