The Walker campaign is releasing a new TV ad today (see below) that highlights Tony Evers' plans to raise property taxes, income taxes and gas taxes, and provide in-state tuition and drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. This is their latest ad drawing the contrast between what they call the governor’s real leadership and Tony Evers’ failed promises and higher taxes.

During their first debate on Friday, Tony Evers expressed his support for providing in-state tuition and drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, and the Walker campaign is clearly capitalizing on a message they believe the majority of voters support.

Whether or not to raise taxes has been an ongoing debate in the campaign. Tony Evers has called for raising a variety of taxes, while Scott Walker has advocated for cutting taxes in Wisconsin and additional investments in education.

The Walker campaign also released a fact sheet to back up the claims they are making in the ad, which you can find here (PDF).

VIDEO: Walker Campaign Launches New TV Ad Highlighting Tony Evers’ Higher Taxes And Far-Left Policies

Ad makes case against Evers’ plans to raise taxes on hard-working families and provide in-state tuition and drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants

MADISON, Wis. -- The Walker campaign on Tuesday launched a new TV ad to spotlight Tony Evers’ plans to increase a “variety of taxes” – including propertyincome and gas tax hikes – on hard-working families, and provide in-state tuition and drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

Tony Evers’ plans to raise property, income, and gas taxes would put Wisconsin’s jobs, and the success we’ve seen under Scott Walker’s bold leadership, at risk. The governor has made record actual-dollar investments in priorities like K-12 education without raising taxes, and has proposed an agenda to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

You can watch the ad, entitled “Did You Know,” here. You can find more details on Tony Evers’ plans here.

The ad begins:

Narrator: We know Tony Evers wants to raise property and income taxes, but did you know he wants to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens?

Tony Evers: I would support legislation to support DACA students to have in-state tuition.

Narrator: And drivers’ licenses too?

Tony Evers: Do I think that we should have driver permits for undocumented folks that are working in the state of Wisconsin?

The answer is yes.

Narrator: Tony Evers: Special treatment for illegals, higher taxes for you.

The spot will run on television as well as on a range of online and social media platforms. It is the latest in a series of ads the Walker campaign is running on the contrast between the governor’s record of reform and Tony Evers’ failed leadership and higher taxes.

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