A meeting on February 5th with Bob Swan, the building contractor, gave the WCAHS Building Committee a clear view of all of the bids, which are now complete, as well as the scheduling of the work that needs to be done prior to opening the new WCAHS shelter. 

The first area to be changed is in the back half of the building which was designed to be the dog isolation and dog adoption area. Shelving and carpeting in the areas that would not be practical to remain has been removed. The floors where carpeting has been taken up are being cleaned in preparation for an animal-durable finish to eventually be applied.

The concrete sawing/cutting process and masonry floor re-fill/patching begins the first step of the contracted renovation. The plumbing and electrical work will continue the process with the installation of the variety of electrical and water needs in the dog area as well as in the exam treatment room, utility room, and cat isolation and stray/surrender drop off rooms. The setup of cat and dog kennels, completion of the indoor cat colony and carpentry changes to make the shelter come together will follow as will the heating system upgrade, drywall hanging, taping, and painting. When outside work is practical, fencing, dog runs and an enclosed cat area will be completed.

Fortunately, the front of the shelter where the reception area, office, meet and greet areas, and bathrooms are located will remain very much unchanged and cost-free. However, additional costs that will most definitely be considered will be reconnecting the in-floor heating in the kennel areas, installation of a quality fire alarm system and security cameras, and completion of a commercial grade floor finish.
In keeping with cost awareness, there may be materials removed that will eventually be sold. Also, it has been decided there is a need for the start of a Capital Campaign which could significantly add to the insurance replacement payment and the already collected donations to appropriately furnish and complete this Washburn County Area Humane Society rebuilding project.

Please continue to watch the shelter website and Facebook for updates on animals at the temporary shelter, located at 930 N. Front Street and on the new shelter progress.

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