SHELL LAKE, Wis. -- Washburn County Board Supervisor, L.H. “Skip” Fielder, has officially tendered his resignation. Skip submitted his resignation letter to the Washburn County Sheriff on Monday, September 25, 2017.  

Skip has represented District 2 as Board Supervisor for Washburn County since 2008. District 2 represents a significant portion of the tax dollars generated for Washburn County due in part to the higher-end residential lake homes.

Skip was also on several Washburn County Committees including: Finance, Executive; Forestry, and Highway.

Washburn County Board Chair, Tom Mackie, will be appointing the replacements for Finance, Executive, and the Forestry committees.  However, the County Board will have to elect the replacement for Highway per County Board rules as that is an ‘at-large’ position.

The announcement to fill the District 2 Supervisor has also been posted and can be viewed by clicking HERE. Mackie will ultimately choose the individual to fill the interim position.  

However, it may be a short-term gig.

The 2018 spring elections are just around the corner, and everyone (including the person Mackie appoints for District 2) will have to file paperwork with the County in December to announce their intentions (and to be placed on the ballot) for the Spring Elections that will be held in April. 

Sheriff Dryden said that “personal reasons” was the only thing listed in Skip’s letter vis-a-vis decision to resign.

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