SHELL LAKE, Wis. -- Washburn County is considering two options for the now vacant Finance Director position following the termination of previous Finance Director, Jane Dvorak, on August 31, 2017.

This morning, Thursday, September 7, 2017, the Washburn County Finance Committee met to discuss their options and was there to listen to the discussion.

One option would simply be to re-fill the position, however, all options are on the table, according to Washburn County Board Chair Tom Mackie in a phone conversation following the meeting with

Mackie suggested in this mornings meeting that there may also be the possibility of splitting the role of the Finance Director with Burnett County.

"It would save both Washburn and Burnett County taxpayers if we chose to do this," Mackie said.  "Both Washburn and Burnett work on the same computer operating systems and both counties are looking to fill the role of a Finance Director," Mackie added.

“Technology has changed and whether the Finance Director is on site or at another site, the computer systems will allow the Director to get questions answered and/or give directions to each county,” said Mackie when asked why each county would only need a part-time Finance Director instead full-time.

A meeting is now set for the 19th of this month for Washburn County officials to meet with the Administrator and Board Chair of Burnett County. This meeting will be held in Shell Lake and will be a preliminary discussion about this option.

“This is a golden opportunity for us and if there was ever a time to do this, it is now,” Mackie concluded.

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