SHELL LAKE, Wis. -- Emergency Management urges all residents and 2nd home owners in Washburn County to register their contact information with the County mass notification system called - CodeRED.  This free system will help to notify residents of emergency information through calls, text messages and emails and will be used to keep you informed on issues that impact your safety!

Washburn County has identified a number of potential natural (and manmade) hazards, (i.e. Wildland Fire, Tornado, Floods, etc.) and CodeRED is a great tool in our toolbox for making emergency notifications - when needed.   

However, the system is only as a good as the database it is built upon.  If you have a landline and are listed in the phone book, your phone number has been loaded in the CodeRED system.  However, more people though are choosing to have cell phones only and that becomes challenging for us to collect the necessary information to build the database.  To address this problem, all residents are being URGED to go to the CodeRED site located on the County Webpage at to register their home landlines, cell phones, emails and verify your home address location during the enrollment process so we may target notifications that directly impact your home or business!  

The name "ECN" (Emergency Communications Network - aka CodeRED) may appear on your phone or answering machine when a call is sent from CodeRED.  If you have call blocker, please contact your particular phone company/provider and have the CodeRED telephone numbers added to your "approved" or “white list".  It is also suggested that you program CodeRED as a contact on all of your cell phones so you know it is an important call when these numbers appear -- (866)419-5000 / (855)939-4636.

Please take action now by going to and clicking on the CodeRED (or click HERE) box to register your home or business contact information.  Questions should be directed to the Washburn County Emergency Management Office at or 715-468-4730.  

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