Diane's Kitchen, presented by The Body Shop Fitness Centers, is not a cooking show but a 30-minute video podcast in our kitchen with people of interest hosted by Diane Dryden. “We’ll drink coffee and discuss what's going on in the neighborhood.”


This week on Diane’s Kitchen, Diane will be chatting with Washburn County Administrative Coordinator and County Clerk, Lolita Olson. Lolita will be giving up-to-the-minute information on the Coronavirus in Washburn County, what (if any) effects this will have on the April 7 election, and much much more. Lolita will also answer questions from the community that are posted on the DrydenWire Facebook page.

Guests on Diane’s Kitchen are made possible by Aaron Arf and Katie Folstad of the Edina Realty Lakes Team - “Experience to Guide You Home.”


Due to the ever-evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, this week Diane’s Kitchen will be aired live on our Facebook page (facebook.com/drydenwire). The live show will air at approximately 8:30a on Thursday morning. A recording of the live chat will be posted on DrydenWire.com shortly after it ends.

Diane's Kitchen sends a special thank you to this week's show sponsor Greenfield Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

We’ll see you in the morning!

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