Darren and Ben tried to out-compliment each other to raise money for Community First.

The live chat aired on DrydenWire.com’s Facebook page (facebook.com/drydenwire) at 8:30a. If you missed it, you can watch the recording below.

Darren Cox is a mental health professional in Spooner and has practiced here since 2004. He is the owner of Anchor Bay Counseling Center which employs two full-time therapists and serves the mental health needs of individuals, kids and families. When not in the office, he enjoys time outdoors, time spent with his wife of 22 years Heather and times of solitude. During this health pandemic, Darren has boycotted television and all things that stoke fear in an effort to maintain his own peace and takes his marching orders from Psalm 46.

Last Update: Apr 17, 2020 11:42 am CDT

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