News Release

MADISON, Wis. -- Today, Tony Evers' campaign released two new ads featuring Wisconsinites talking about their challenges with high health and prescription drug costs, and how Evers' "Pay Less for Rx" plan would help them. Evers' plan, released yesterday, would help reduce the cost of prescription drugs by stopping prescription price gouging, demanding transparency and accountability from pharmaceutical companies, protecting and expanding SeniorCare, working to safely reimport prescription drugs from Canada, and reducing state expenses on prescription drug purchases.

"Across our state, the cost of healthcare and medication continues to rise," said Evers campaign manager Maggie Gau. "Tony Evers won't just talk about reducing the price of prescription drugs, he has a plan to follow through and provide real relief to Wisconsin families. Under the Pay Less for Rx Plan for Wisconsin, Tony will make sure that Wisconsinites have affordable options when it comes to purchasing prescription drugs."

"Jacque" and "Sue" will run statewide on both television and digital formats.



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