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This Week's Sunday Sermon

'Here in chapter 10, Paul wraps up his study of Christian freedom and Christian liberty which he began in chapter 8. Here he seems to contradict the teaching on Christian Liberty he gave us in chapter 8, but he also gives us some new principles. In the end, we need to fence in everything we do within the boundaries of love and being willing to give up our personal liberties in the name of unity and fellowship.' -- Brian Cole

About Brian Cole

After 33 years of Satan worship and drug addictions - 27 years in prison for crimes ranging from petty theft to 1st-degree aggravated assault - in 2009 Brian was arrested for the last time. After getting involved in a faith-based addictions program in the county jail, the very Lord he had denied and mocked for so many years got hold of him and set him free!

Since his release from prison in 2010, Brian has been on the road speaking at various events and schools across the country sharing his testimony of the transformation Jesus has accomplished in his life. In 2012 he was hired as a youth pastor/associate pastor at an EFree Church in Stanley, WI, where he was licensed and served for 4 1/2 years. Brian has been Senior Pastor at The Oaks Church in Drummond, WI. since September of 2016 and has been ordained through Converge great lakes. He is also a volunteer at Prison Fellowship and is part of the Faith Riders Motorcycle Ministry. His love second to Christ is his family and dog, Luke.

About Oaks Community Church

The Oaks Community Church is passionate about glorifying God in a corporate gathering. This is done by everything we do - from expository preaching: Going through the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse to present the Word of God as it is written and making passages understandable to all - for our flourishing and to the glory of God. We also have a love feast after every service to build relationships and fellowship. We offer University classes in the spring and fall teaching theology, Hermeneutics, Church history, apologetics, and much more. Between May and October, we have monthly 'Biker Sundays' where we have a special service for Bikers and go for a 100+ mile ride after service.

We are located at 14695 County Highway N in Drummond, and you can find our website at: oaksofdrummond.com. We also can be found on YouTube and Facebook. Or you can call us at 715-491-7461.

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