WATCH: 'Positive Tuesday W/ Ben & Fitzy' - Ep. #77

Special Guest: Shell Lake Police Chief Dave Wilson!

WATCH: 'Positive Tuesday W/ Ben & Fitzy' - Ep. #77

DrydenWire founder Ben Dryden and Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald were back for their 77th "Positive Tuesday w/ Ben & Fitzy" show episode.

This week, Shell Lake Police Chief Dave Wilson joined the boys to talk cop talk and discuss positive things going on in our communities. They also discussed the resignation of Washburn County HHS Director Jim LeDuc, hiring and staffing, the recent sentence of Andrew Brunette, the Barron County Sheriff's Department 2021 recap, and 6 goals for 2022, and more!

ICYMI, you can watch the recording on:

  • DrydenWire's Facebook page (here)
  • DrydenWire's YouTube channel (here)

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