Pastor Brian Cole was back chatting with Founder Ben Dryden for this, episode 3, of The Brian Cole Story.

This episode continues his story by discussing his ages between 17 and 18. During this relatively short time, Brian was in the Army (for a while) before starting his life of crime by burglarizing over 250 northwest Wisconsin homes which led to his first prison sentence as part of an FBI sting operation.

If unable to stream above, click here to watch on YouTube.

About Pastor Brian Cole

After 30+ years involved in Satanism and the occult, 27+ years of incarceration (4 as a juvenile, 23 as an adult), 25+ years as a drug addict, and caught up in many other addictions such as cutting, pornography, sex, dungeons and dragons, etc., in 2009 after being suicidal and almost succeeding on 3 occasions, I was arrested for the last time! At the age of 44 I had finally “come to myself,” and through a faith-based drug and alcohol program offered in the County Jail, I came to know the Truth of Jesus Christ and was born again on January 22, 2009, being radically saved by the very same God I had denied for so many years!

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