ST CROIX FALLS, WI -- – Host, Kirk Anderson, was excited to talk Tiny Home Communities on episode 2 of the Kirk Anderson Show. Kirk’s special guest, Melissa Jones, joined him in the studio to talk about “Tiny Living in a Tiny House Community.” Watch as they discuss a new project called, “Tiny Timbers Agrihood,” located in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

You’ll learn the key steps to successfully building a tiny home community within a municipality, what hurdles you may need to overcome, and what makes tiny living appealing to so many people.

You can watch the replay on DrydenWire's Facebook page, YouTube channel, or stream below.

Tiny Timbers Agrihood is a Tiny Home Community being developed in St. Croix Falls by Melissa Jones and her husband Shane. Tiny Timbers is a place where people who believe in the tiny home movement and share a love for gardening and the outdoors can come together and live in a year-round community of similar-minded individuals.

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Last Update: Feb 16, 2023 1:07 pm CST

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