The upcoming Washburn County Area Humane Society's Annual Tree of Lights Event has been appropriately named “Dreams Do Come True” and will take place on Thursday, November 30, at Spooner Market and Grill from 4 to 7 PM.  Complimentary refreshments, cash bar, and many wonderful prizes and give-aways will again be the venue. 

Last year's theme was based on the recognition of 10,000 animals that had passed through the doors of the animal shelter since 2000 when the Cottonwood Avenue building was established.  That fire-destroyed shelter inspired this year's theme of  “Dreams Do Come True” as the new animal shelter effort moves forward and has now become a reality.  

The members of the WCAHS Board would like to officially announce the purchase of the BioActive Nutrients Building from Guy Evans, which is located at 1300 Roundhouse Road, located on the north end of Spooner, Wisconsin, across the street from the dog park.  This building will easily and affordably be retrofitted to accommodate animals needing this temporary home and it will be a wonderful place for the community to enjoy as well.  There will eventually be space to hold adult and youth meetings and birthday parties, an isolation area for dogs and cats needing special care and space, a design idea for great viewing of the adoptable animals, and a meet and greet/socializing area for the cats and dogs and people.  The best part of purchasing and renovating this building is the opportunity to open for full operation many months sooner than if it was to be completely rebuilt.  

To add to the “Dreams Do Come True” event, the quilting group from Thimbles have been busy using their skills to make uniquely designed pot holders and pillow cases (appropriate for our event theme).  These handmade items may be purchased as is or with a winning number tucked in for the opportunity to win a  really good prize!

Even though it is challenging to be operating a temporary shelter at this time, animals are finding comfort and care there, so the needs and expenses continue.  If a donation of money or pet supplies would be a way you could help, it will be greatly appreciated.  The Tree of Lights is a way to keep the warmth in our hearts for those special companions who bring us joy in our lives, and a light will be lit to honor or memorialize that special companion.  Your tax-deductible donation may be any amount and can be mailed to PO Box 328, Spooner, WI 54801, or brought to “Dreams Do Come True”.  Please check the Washburn County Area Humane Society facebook or website for forms and to stay updated on the rebuilding progress.   

This November 30 gathering is truly a celebration of this new animal shelter and its new location and is also a heart-felt thank you to every person who has supported this Washburn County Area Humane Society Animal Shelter in the past and who continue to support the continuation of this charity.  It is proof of the meaning of goodness --- good people, having a good time, winning good prizes, enjoying good refreshments, for a good reason!

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