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The Washburn County Economic Development Corporation (WCEDC) has assembled the Washburn County Economic Recovery Team, or WCERT to focus on the economic recovery in Washburn County. 

The focus of the team made up of representatives from various interests including businesses, local government, school districts, chambers of commerce, and healthcare providers is to gather perspectives from all corners of the county to develop a plan that maintains the health and well-being of the citizens and visitors of the County, as well as addresses the economic health of the businesses and workers in the area.

“Washburn County has a strong history of coming out of economic downturns quickly.  There’s no reason to think that can’t happen again.  While there are several obvious indicators that this has been a difficult time for many businesses in Washburn County, some indicators are positive for our recovery as well.”  Said Joel Zimmerman, Executive Director of the WCEDC.  “Developing this apolitical team is the next step in securing our future and coming together as a community to figure out how to navigate this crisis.  The team will not be making any political statements and will only be working on ways to safely and effectively move forward, something that any political party wants to see.”  

One economic indicator is that the unemployment rate in Washburn County dropped slightly in March to 5.4% and is only slightly higher than March 2019.  The unemployment rate is only one indicator of the local economy and doesn’t tell the whole story, much like the stock market performance is only one indicator of the national economy but not the full picture.  

Zimmerman says that everyone involved is very involved in managing their own crisis but have graciously volunteered their time to help in any way possible.

The WCERT has been assembled and will meet virtually, in the coming days, once schedules are figured out.  The WCEDC office will handle the administration of the team.  Any questions regarding the team can be directed to Zimmerman at


Joel Zimmerman

Executive Director


Last Update: May 04, 2020 4:52 pm CDT

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