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Here at the Washburn County Economic Development Corporation, we like to think that we are good citizens. As such, with much consideration of as many factors as we can think of, we’ve decided to officially postpone the Vision 2020: 4th Annual WCEDC Award Banquet to a date yet to be determined.

This decision is one not made out of panic but out of caution and prevention. We’ve determined that it would be irresponsible to hold this event as scheduled while we were nearing 200 registrants with the possibility of at least 250 registrants. “As a society, we’ve been asked to socially distance ourselves from each other, which is no easy task for the social people of NW Wisconsin. We are a people that have figured out how to socialize in the middle of a frozen lake on the coldest days of winter. We are a people that gather to support each other and rally in times of trials and tribulations. And so, when rallying to support each other’s well-being means separating ourselves from each other, it seems contrary to who we are as a people.” said Executive Director, Joel Zimmerman.

Washburn County is a strong county and is doing wonderful things, and we will celebrate these awesome things soon. Right now, the responsible action is to make sure that what we do is what’s best for the common good.

Currently, the WCEDC is working with the keynote speaker, Heartwood Resort and Conference center, our various vendors, and sponsors to find a new date for the event. We will announce new details when they are available. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Joel Zimmerman

Executive Director


Last Update: Mar 16, 2020 10:42 am CDT

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