Update: We are still working on things and will update this post when we have a finished. Some things are live now, however, they may only appear on desktop/laptop and not mobile.

Thank you for your patience.


If you notice that a few things look a bit differently on our website (and maybe a few glitches), don't worry, DrydenWire.com is just getting a makeover with our latest update.

We have had a lot of updates this year, although, most of those are were on the back end and were for functionality. However, over the past 24 hours (and for the next 24 hours), our V4.39 update will include cosmetic (front end) changes, as well as some new additions.

We hope to have the majority of the update completed by late tonight or early tomorrow morning, with the rest of the week being used to troubleshoot any issues that arise post-update(s).

We will update this post below with the list of changes and additions when they are completed.

Thank you



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