Press Release - Learning that he won $1 million on New Year’s Day was “surreal” said Webster, Wis. resident Delane Emery. “It still doesn’t feel real,” he added as he claimed a $1 million Minnesota Millionaire Raffle prize on Jan. 18. “We were half asleep when my step mom called to ask if we had checked our numbers. We had two tickets and I read off the number on the first one. She said, ‘That’s the one! You guys just won $1 million!’”

As a newlywed, the win comes at a great time for Emery, who said, “It’s a very nice way to start out, with not a lot of worries.”

The $1 million winning ticket had been a Christmas gift. “It’s something my family does every year. My parents buy the tickets and distribute them between myself and my siblings,” explained Emery.

(Rock Creek Pit Stop, located at 5987 State Highway 70 in Pine City, sold the winning ticket. Rock Creek Pit Stop will receive a $5,000 bonus for selling the ticket)

Last Update: Jan 20, 2017 8:53 pm CST

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