WISCONSIN -- Since March 2, 2022, Kim Backstrom has been in Hrubieszow on the Polish/Ukraine border helping the refugees fleeing the war. On Wednesday, she will be joining Ben Dryden and Kirk Anderson to share her amazing story Live from Poland.

The Live show is scheduled to start at 8:30a (CST) on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, on DrydenWire’s Facebook page. If you’re unable to watch live, a recording will be published on DrydenWire’s YouTube channel and DrydenWire.com within a few hours following the conclusion of the show.

About Kim Backstrom

I grew up in Maddock, ND, and was raised in a Christian family that loves the Lord. Maddock is a small town of about 400 people. My parents were farmers so I grew up driving tractors and working in the fields, which I loved. I played basketball and was active in my church’s youth group while going to Junior high and high school.

In 1998, I graduated from high school and then started attending Northwestern College in Roseville, MN where I majored in youth ministry. During college, I was involved in a youth group and coaching basketball.

In the summer of 2001, I went on a missions trip to Poland thinking that it would be the first and last missions trip! However, God had a very different plan for my life. Instead, this becomes the first of many trips to Poland.

From 2001-to 2007 I would go to Poland about once a year for a 10-day missions trip. I would go with a team to Camp Eden in Ocwieka, Poland. We would attend a 1 week Bible camp, usually for teenagers or children. During these trips, we would have opportunities to share our testimonies, build relationships and learn a little polish!

The rest of the year would be spent on the farm working with my Dad after I graduated from college. In 2002, my Dad, myself, and a few other farmers started a business, Precision Ag Results, working with Precision agriculture.  

From 2008-to 2012, the next phase of my time in Poland started. Instead of coaching the local junior high girls basketball team, I would go to Poland for 2-3 months. During these years I was living in Zamosc, Poland which is located in the southeastern part of Poland.

I was connected with a local church and would help out with the children’s ministries and winter and summer camps. When I wasn’t in Poland, I would be back working in ND both on the farm and for Precision Ag Results.

The next phase in Poland began in 2013 when I moved “full-time” to Poland. I usually spent around 10 months in Poland. This new phase also meant moving to the area of Silesia near Katowice. For the first several years I didn’t do anything other than learning polish! It was such a difficult task. But thanks to God, I am able to communicate well in Polish.

While being in Silesia, I’ve gotten connected with a house church. During the winter and summer holidays, I help out with the high school and young adult camps. For the rest of the year, I would do discipleship with some of the college girls.

Since March 2, 2022, I’ve been in Hrubieszow on the Polish/Ukraine border helping the refugees fleeing the war.

Last Update: May 18, 2022 7:14 am CDT

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