WHAT IT IS: Lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow is a common musculoskeletal condition in which the muscles that extend your wrist and fingers away from your palm are forcefully and repeatedly extended. This repeated motion leads to chronic trauma and inflammation.  Activities such as keyboarding, carpentry, and cashiering are often the most affected.  Pain is most often experienced along the outside of the forearm and radiates both up and down. 


Disclaimer: you will experience more discomfort initially. 

Follow these simple steps consistently to rid yourself of tennis elbow.

1) Once per day you will need to use ice cups to numb the area of tenderness. 

Once numb, perform 3 -5 mins of continuous and moderate deep cross friction massage to the tendon base. 

When completed use the ice cup again to numb the area and reduce inflammation, usually 5 mins or so of ice. Fourteen days once per day should do the trick.

2) Wrist extension curls daily.  One-pound weight will usually suffice initially. Perform the wrist extension curls slowly on the way up and down. This will be painful at first but is necessary to realign the tendon.  Perform the curls 10-30 times based on how long it takes to fatigue.  Rest and repeat every 3-4 waking hours. 

3) Tendon strapping. Bracing will allow you to get through your daily activities without aggravating the tendon while it heals.  

Most cases resolve within 4 weeks of consistent treatment. Some cases will not resolve and are usually dependent on the length of time prior to treatment or other age/lifestyle related factors. In these circumstances, steroidal injections may be effective.

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