Older lady looking for a warm, quiet spot to relax. Cassie is a 13-year-old spayed female Siamese mix who is willing warm your lap. She promises not to jump on the counters, beg for food, or try to sneak outside. She likes string toys, toy mice, dry food, warm spaces, and naps. Cassie may follow you around for a bit for scritches and purrs easily. She promises not to scratch up the furniture, as she is front-paw declawed. Staff isn’t sure if Cassie would do well with other pets or lots of activity; a quieter retirement home is something she’s looking for. If you’re looking for a clean, quiet roommate, she may be the one for you! 

Now that HSBC has taken in 12 – yes, 12 – kittens, it’s a perfect time to talk a bit about fostering. Foster volunteers provide a home environment for pets of all ages while they await their forever homes. Foster homes provide for the daily needs and socialization of the shelter; HSBC provides for the medical care, support, and guidance along the way. 

There are several reasons shelter animals can benefit from being in a foster home. Not all animals thrive in a shelter environment. Loud noises, lots of strangers, living in relative confinement and isolation – all these things can stress out a pet. Like people, stressed animals are prone to getting sick or suffering behavior problems, and sensitive animals are especially prone to this. A foster home allows a pet to relax a bit in a more routine environment. 

Foster homes are wonderful places for animals who need a bit more medical care. Animals recovering from surgery or illness, heartworm treatments, or who may be hearing or sight impaired do better in a calmer home environment. They can put their energy toward healing rather than worrying about what’s going on around them.

And back to those kittens (and other babies). Foster homes that take in a pregnant or new mom provide her with a safe space to raise her young until they are ready for forever homes. Some foster families take in orphaned babies who need bottle-feeding. This important service gives orphans needed human contact during a critical time in their development, helping them to be confident adults. 

Foster families can choose when, how long, and who they wish to foster. Maybe bottle-feeding isn’t your thing, but you’d be fine with a senior pet snoozing in your living room -or vice versa. If you think fostering may be your way to help, contact HSBC to fill out a foster family application. 

The Bark and Wine is coming up Saturday, April 28 from 5 – 8 p.m. at the Webster Community Center. It’s not just about the great meal and company (although the lasagna sounds wonderful). There will be silent auction baskets to bid on. a wine pull, a mystery gift card board and entertainment by local musician -and District Attorney- Bill Norine. Raffle tickets are now available at the Midtown location. Hope you can join us!

HSBC information-- 7347 Midtown Road, Siren, WI 54872. Telephone: 715-866-4096. Email hsbc@centurytel.net. Website: 

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