Rep. Ryan Clancy Takes Stand Against Policing: 'Their Jobs Have Neither Dignity Nor Value'

Wisconsin State Representative Criticizes Policing as Inherently Racist and Classist.

Rep. Ryan Clancy Takes Stand Against Policing: 'Their Jobs Have Neither Dignity Nor Value'

(DrydenWire) -- A Wisconsin State Representative recently commented on social media that cops "have neither dignity nor value."

Rep. Ryan Clancy, who is serving his first term in the Assembly representing Wisconsin’s 19th District (Milwaukee), was apparently addressing another user on Facebook when he posted the following:

"All work has dignity and value, Lis Marie* Even trolling. What is it that you do?"

"*Not cops, though," he added.

The user ‘Lis Marie’ responded: "So for the record you just stated a Police Officer's job has NO VALUE OR DIGNITY. Just want you to verify that before I pass that along to some who might enjoy hearing it"

To which Rep. Clancy replied: "that's entirely correct. They may be perfectly fine individuals, but their jobs have neither dignity nor value. I'm not sure how you've been obsessed about my social media for as long as you have and seem surprised by this."

DrydenWire contacted Rep. Clancy’s office via email on Tuesday, August 8th, asking if Rep. Clancy stood by his comments on social media and, if so, to expand on his view.

On Monday, August 14, 2023, Rep. Clancy’s office provided DrydenWire with the following response which can be viewed in its entirety below:

"The Representative does indeed stand by his initial statement. The statement does not refer to individuals who choose to be in law enforcement, but rather a statement on the profession as a whole.

"Policing as an institution, as a legacy of ‘slave catching’ and union busting, largely enforces the ruling class over the poor and otherwise marginalized. It is inherently racist, classist, and cannot be reformed."

Last Update: Aug 14, 2023 12:03 pm CDT

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