The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is investigating a scam that targets FoodShare members through fake text messages. DHS is alerting members to take steps now to protect their benefits.

“It is alarming that scammers are going after public benefits like FoodShare that people rely on to feed themselves and their families,” said DHS Inspector General Anthony Baize. “We encourage FoodShare members to understand how to protect their benefits from these increasingly sophisticated scams and to report them when they happen.”

The DHS investigation is based on complaints from concerned FoodShare members about a scam instructing them to call a phone number to confirm their account and personal identification numbers (PINs) to avoid having benefits locked. Scammers then use this information to access and steal the benefits.

To limit the potential for benefit loss, DHS is removing access to all unauthorized phone numbers linked to cases within the investigation. DHS also is discontinuing and replacing all compromised QUEST cards and is conducting a review for each impacted member to determine if benefits should be replaced.

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Last Update: Mar 13, 2023 10:57 am CDT

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