MADISON – Governor Scott Walker released the following statement today thanking the Wisconsin State Legislature for approving the $100 per child tax rebate and back-to-school sales tax holiday, major pieces of his Ambitious Agenda for 2018.

“We have a budget surplus, and it’s going back to the hardworking taxpayers who overpaid,” Governor Walker said. “Many would have liked to see this money stay in Madison to be spent on the government’s priorities. Thankfully, that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be returned to the hardworking taxpayers, so they can spend it on their priorities. A couple hundred dollars more in the family budget could really make a difference. This money will help parents pay activities fees at school, buy a new backpack, or cover a co-pay at the dentist or doctor. We are getting positive things done for the people of Wisconsin.”

The bill now goes to Governor Walker for his signature.

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