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America's Dairyland stayed true to its name last year as the state set another record for total milk production, despite having less cows.

The latest government figures from the USDA confirmed that Wisconsin farms produced 30.6 billion pounds of milk in 2019, about one-percent more than the previous record of 30.5 billion harvested in 2018.

Milk per cow also rose to an all-time high of 24,152 pounds, up 150 pounds from the year earlier.

However, the total number of milk cows at year's end was around 1.26 million head--approximately 10,000 less than the previous year.

As of January 1, there were 7,292 licensed milking herds in the state. That was down 818 from a year ago and equated to a single-year drop of 10 percent since early 2019.

Last Update: May 05, 2020 10:42 am CDT

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