A split state Supreme Court today struck down the Evers administration’s latest stay-at-home order, ruling it should’ve been issued as a rule to give lawmakers oversight of the process.

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Via Associated Press:

The 4-3 ruling marks a defeat for Evers as Republican legislators, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and with the aid of the conservative-controlled high court, continue to chip away at the Democratic governor’s powers.

Via Wisconsin Public Radio:

Under the court's ruling, Evers' administration could issue new stay-at-home orders, but it would need the approval of the Legislature's rulemaking committee, which is run by Republicans. Republicans originally asked the court for a six-day stay which would have kept the current Safer at Home order in place while a new one is negotiated to replace it. But the court instead decided to strike down the order effective immediately.

Last Update: May 14, 2020 5:57 am CDT

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