WisDOT Safety Improvement Project At Us 53/WIS 77 In Minong Completed

Here is how motorists can navigate the RCUT/J-turn that replaced the former intersection

WisDOT Safety Improvement Project At Us 53/WIS 77 In Minong Completed

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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has changed the intersection of US 53 and WIS 77 in the Washburn County village of Minong to reduce the number of right-angle crashes at the crossing.

The recently completed safety improvement project closed the existing US 53-WIS 77 intersection and constructed a restricted crossing U-turn intersection. RCUTs, also referred to as J-turns, are a type of intersection used primarily on four-lane divided highways that reduce conflict points.

RCUT intersections differ from conventional intersections by rerouting left-turn and through vehicles from side roads, so motorists approaching the divided highway from the side road are required to turn right and then make a U-turn at a designated median opening.

For motorists in Minong, here is how to navigate the RCUT:

  • Traffic on US 53 can turn onto WIS 77, using either the right- or left-turn lanes. The latter are not to be used by motorists on WIS 77, wanting to travel through the intersection or turn left onto US 53.
  • Traffic on WIS 77 can only turn right, so motorists wanting to cross US 53 to continue on WIS 77 or turn left onto US 53 must:
    • Turn right onto US 53 into the left lane.
    • Make a U-turn at one of the project’s median crossovers – each located on US 53 about 900 feet north and south of WIS 77 – and head in the opposite direction on US 53, either continuing straight or turning right onto WIS 77.

Last Update: Sep 30, 2021 3:34 pm CDT

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