(News Release) -- Letting everyone know that during winter we tow cars that are abandoned on our roads. We tow vehicles if we cannot locate the owner/driver especially in the winter months with snow and the need to have the snow plows clear the roads and shoulders. There are some good ways for you to avoid getting your vehicle towed. If you leave for vehicle on the road, shoulder or in the ditch for what ever reason, mechanical, crash or stuck, call 715-468-4720 immediately or as soon as possible. Tell the dispatcher what happened and if you plan to remove it and when. We will send a officer to check it out to see if it needs to be removed without delay. The officer will also tag the vehicle to let everyone else know that an officer has checked on it and no need for anyone else to stop. A sample of the tag is pictured on this posting. Regardless of your own arrangements, if the officer decides it has to be removed without delay we will call a tow truck, at your expense. We do not do this for spite, it is for the safety of all.

When good samaritans stop to check on vehicles on the side or in the ditch during slippery and or poor visbility conditions, it placing them in danger. So if you see a tag as shown or a similar tag, other agencies might have different colors, please do not stop or call 911. We thank you for your concern but places you in jeopardy.

A year or so ago we had a squad car hit and destroyed and two deputies injured and they had their emergency lights on. It is very dangerous to be walking around on the roads in bad weather. So please, in bad weather with poor road conditions, slow down and turn off your cruise control. We want you to get where you are going, it might take you a little longer, but you will get there.

Sheriff Dryden

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